Title/Name: Master Joseph Kaufman

School Name: Magnum Force TKD (formerly White Tiger TKD Club)

Primary International Organization: Action International Martial Arts Association

Experience: 37 years

Systems studied: Main styles: Tae Kwon Do, Moo Duk Kwon, and Hapkido.

Secondary styles practiced: Ninjitsu, Judo, Karate, Hwa Rang do and Boxing.

Achievements: Rank 5th dan

Master Joseph Kaufman had his first lessons in the martial arts in 1976. If there is one thing that Master Kaufman has had an advantage over some of his instructor counterparts is that he has studied many of the major form systems of the some of the largest Korean martial arts organizations in the world. Master Kaufman's knowledge has not come from just one instructor or Grandmaster. Mr. Kaufman has been in five organizations and he has learned many of the form systems like Ki-Cho(s) 1-3, Pal Gwe(s)  1-8, Tae Geuk(s)  1-8, Pyung Ayn(s) 1-5, I.T.F. (International Tae Kwon Do Federation) forms from beginning level to black belt levels and the W.T.F. (World Tae Kwon Do Federation) black belt forms.  

Master Joseph Kaufman grew up in Cedar Park, Texas on 756 acres of beautiful land which included two small lakes which are now partially owned by the YMCA . Originally born in Austin, his family has always resided in the Leander/Cedar Park area. He has seen the area where he now conducts his classes turn from a very rural community to the thriving city of Cedar Park that makes up the Austin Metro area

Achievements: From 1980 to the early 1990's, Mr. Kaufman won numerous championships in point and Olympic style Tae Kwon Do tournaments from state to international levels in both forms and sparring.

Master Kaufman also taught hand to hand combat techniques in his unit in the U.S. Army in the 1980's while he served as a paratrooper. Mr. Kaufman earned the rank of Sergeant E-5 and was one of the best marksman in basic training and his unit because of his expertise in firearms.

In recent years, Mr. Kaufman coached his White Tiger TKD Team through many victories and outstanding accomplishments. In October of 2007, Mr. Kaufman took 19 students to the Fort Worth International TKD Championships. This tournament, one of the largest in Texas, consisted of 10 countries. ALL of Master Kaufman's 19 students placed taking home 13 Gold, 13 Silver and 6 bronze (32 medals in all)! Master Kaufman and his students were recognized by Congressman John Carter and a letter was sent out to all of the competing students and Master Kaufman.

 In 2011, Master Kaufman took 10 students to the state AAU qualifier and ALL 100% of the students were in the top three to go to nationals. Out of the 10 that qualified, 8 actually went to the nationals that same year and AGAIN, 100% success! All eight placed in the top three in forms, sparring or both categories. The eight member team took a total of 12 medals at the AAU nationals.