Why You Need To Shop Around

Not Shopping is a BIG MISTAKE!

Mr. Yoshiah is one of Master K's teen Black Belts.

(Photo- MagnumForceTKD 1st Degree Mr Yoshiah receives gold, defeated a 3rd degree black belt at the Houston UMA tourney)

I have been in the arts for many years and the biggest complaints I get from parents and adults trying our class is they should have looked more before signing a contract and wasted their time at a school that basically scammed them of money, time and experience of learning correctly. Most of the time a family only checks the school in the neighborhood or what is close to them and that is not recommended. If you do not shop around you may pay way too much money to someone with little experience compared to an instructor that has had a more comprehensive back ground and charges less. For MagnumForceTKD it is more about quality and not marketing gimmicks. Once a person has had a bad experience at another school, they will enjoy better training and a true superb martial arts foundation experience at MAGNUMFORCETKD.

Beautiful Schools/Chain Schools not always best choice

Cody won three gold medals at his first Olympic Style tournament on Sparring, Forms and Breaking.

(Photo- MFTKD- Cody scores 3 Gold first tournament)

I know many nice clean gyms that outwardly are attractive but knowledge, experience and training are very much lacking. If your choice to go to a school because you like the mats, pictures or weapons hanging on the wall, all you will do is pay too much money for looks, that's it. First thing a good trained martial artist looks for is how they teach, what does their beginner level students look like and....better yet, what does their advanced students look like in action? As a real master instructor, I can look at a few kicks and stances and tell if it is a good sound school or not, the untrained eye cannot UNLESS he or she shops around and you will tell schools better than others. How much knowledge does the teacher really have? What is their back ground and can they back up their successes and experiences???

How About Those Credentials!!!

Master Kaufman's back spinning kick is quick and powerful!

(Photo- Master K's power back spin kick)

WOW! This is another big one! If the general public only knew what I know. I knew an instructor that had a school and his older brother that had been training at his school was only a blue belt and when the brother that was the instructor left the school, he simply took a black belt off the wall and gave it to his brother to take over. How many people went through that school's door to be scammed I wonder? I also know CHAIN schools that are not affiliated with the real major organization bodies of Tae Kwon Do that claim they are Tae Kwon Do and honestly, they give the art a bad name. We can get you certificates from two major recognized bodies. We can also show you our credentials from one of the most famous Grandmasters in the world that starred in the movie Best of the Best.

The Record Bares All !!!!

Miss Alexa won first in fighting at the AAU Nationals.

(Photo- MFTKD- Miss Alexa, first in Nationals)

Good instructors will have a good track record and so will their students. Some "chain" schools only compete with students in their organization. Good schools compete in the Amateur Athletic Union and the World Tae Kwon Do federation tournaments like USAT and any other legitimate tournament venues that compete against many other groups, not just within their own group as some "chain" schools do. This shows real state, national and international ability. MagnumforceTKD was recognized by a member of Congress for our success. However, for those that do not compete we are recognized for our tradional fantastic training.

Not Just Competition

Master Kaufman's night class.

(Photo- MFTKD Nightly Class Pic and Gym)

Some schools just dwell on competition but disregard combatiives which is important for self-defense. We are a full spectrum school. We not only have great competitors but also highly advanced students that have to study a wide range of combative techniques like throws, grappling, knife self-defense, weapons and more.


Tyler won first in fighting at the AAU Nationals!

(Photo- MFTKD- Tyler first in AAU Nationals)

My friends, it is my advice that you shop around please. You do not have to pick us but I would rather parents not be ripped off. At this time we offer a whole free month and you and your family can try it with no obligation.