Over 40 years experience!

Miss Ci-Ci was Privately Taught this Duel By Master Kaufman

Miss Ci-Ci competing in weapons at Sam Houston College as a green belt over 9 years ago.

Meet Miss Cierra (Ci-Ci) Pulatie

Master Kaufman's Loyal Assistant


Miss Ci-Ci is Master's Kaufman's right hand technical teacher. She has been with Master Kaufman for more than 10 Years! She is a martial arts prodigy winning more than 80 first places in weapons, board breaking, Olympic sparring, forms and group forms.

She has won first place with a variety of weapons: sai, tonfa, sword, naginata, kamas and more.

Correct Form Matters

This girl

Miss Ci-Ci has achieved learning all WTF and ITF forms from white belt to her current 3rd dan level. Although this is not required for MagnumForceTKD, Miss Ci-Ci wanted Master K to show her all forms. Through her dedication she has countless gold medals in forms in many large competitions. She won 2nd place out of over 50 girls in her division in the AAU Nationals winning elimination after elimination to the top three competitors. Master Kaufman is strict on form!

A Real Tournament Face


Many masters and grandmasters know who Miss Ci-Ci is and she shows the upmost respect for them. Here she is shaking hands with one of the Houston Tae Kwon Do Association grandmasters.

Miss Ci-Ci Standing at Parade Rest at Fort Worth Internationals


At the Fort Worth International Tae Kwon Do Championship Miss Ci-Ci won gold doing a WTF form that most black belts prefer not to do in a tournament because it has no kicks etc. In this case she had to compete against girls doing forms with stylish kicks, she blew the judges away with her deep stances and hard explosive blocks and punches without getting to use her great kicks and won defeating all the girls in her division.

Miss Ci-Ci when she was a blue belt standing far right


At Miss Ci-Ci's high school graduation, her family brought all of her awards to a room in her sister's house for the party. The room was full of medals and trophies of all kinds from small to 6-7 foot trophies as she is seen here in this photo with one of her many large trophies.

Miss Ci-Ci as a young student doing a turn side kick breaking demo


Miss Ci-Ci was home schooled and not only achieved much in the martial arts but she also was good at music and art. Anyone can accomplish what Miss Ci-Ci has accomplished by just dedicating yourself with all your heart!

Miss CiCi and Master Kaufman Weapons Demo Austin, Texas.