Over 40 years experience!

Why You Need To Shop Around

Not Shopping is a BIG MISTAKE!

Mr. Yoshiah is one of Master K's teen Black Belts.

(Photo- MagnumForceTKD 1st Degree Mr Yoshiah receives gold, defeated a 3rd degree black belt at the Houston UMA tourney, in February 2019 he defeated a 4th dan at a recent Olympic style tournament)

We do not hook people in with some $99.99 deal and then a month or two later stick you with a $200 dollar per month contract for a year or two for just one of your family members to attend class. Know what the real price is at a school before you start.

Marginal Schools and the Real Schools

Cody won three gold medals at his first Olympic Style tournament on Sparring, Forms and Breaking.

(Photo- MFTKD- Cody scores 3 Gold first tournament last year and in February 2019 he brought home more Gold)

Master Kaufman has visited many schools as a martial arts master and after you really shopped around enough you can tell legit schools from the schools that just scam people.  Master Kaufman does not care if you choose his school or not but call MagnumforceTKD and he will tell you what to look for in a school so you are not locked into some school more into marketing than quality.

How About Those Credentials!!!

Master Kaufman's back spinning kick is quick and powerful!

(Photo- Master K's power back spin kick)

Best to know who the instructor is certified by. What organization? As a student do you want to learn from a self-appointed black belt (and they are out there) or a legit instructor?

The Record Bares All !!!!

Miss Alexa won first in fighting at the AAU Nationals.

(Photo- MFTKD- Miss Alexa, first in Nationals)

Always look at the experience and track record of a school. What evidence does a school display to show they are truly a proven legit organization.

Not Just Competition

Master Kaufman's night class.

(Photo- MFTKD Nightly Class Pic and Gym)

Some schools just dwell on competition but disregard combatives which is important for self-defense. Some schools will not compete at all in multi-organizational tournaments because these schools know they cannot compete on that level. We are a full spectrum school. We not only have great competitors but also highly advanced students that have to study a wide range of combative techniques like throws, grappling, knife self-defense, weapons and more.


Tyler won first in fighting at the AAU Nationals!

(Photo- MFTKD- Tyler first in AAU Nationals)

My friends, it is my advice that you shop around please. You do not have to pick us but I would rather customers not be ripped off. 

I literally have students that have spent years at other schools only to come and visit us and realize they were not taught well. Often they comment they learn more from us in 6 months than at their prior school in 4-6 years of training (this should tell you something).Call us today and see what special offers we offer we are currently running with no obligation.